We Found a New Way to Make Money During Our Senior Years

My husband made a website for our new business. He didn’t realize that you need to do few extra things to make sure that your site is seen well by the masses after you publish your site online. I didn’t realize that he didn’t know this until he already had the site up and running and I later learned that our site wasn’t getting many visits. I worked with a company who offers really good SEO service in Philippines for websites, and they did what is necessary to help us. After they finished their work, it didn’t take long for new visitors to find our site. Now, we get orders for our products every day, and our business phone is ringing off the hook.

We are seniors and we retired for awhile. We found ourselves wanting to start working again, but neither one of us wanted to work for someone else. We wanted to find a way to work together and run our own company. Considering our age, it took us awhile to figure out how to go about doing that. We finally realized that having a retail business would be the perfect way to do it. However, we wanted to have an online-only retail site. On the Internet, you don’t have to worry about going into your own store every day and spending hours manning a cash register. Instead, we now have a big warehouse where we store all of our inventory and a small office.

We have hired a manager to oversee much of our operation. My husband and I do spend time making sure that everything is going okay, though. We may need time off because of our age, but we certainly are not going to hand all the day-to-day details over to someone else completely. So far, we really are enjoying it. We have a couple of employees who handle all the incoming orders. We have another employee who boxes up the products we sell, and he ships them to our customers.