Luxury Trains of India Touching All Walks of Life

In India trains are not only a mode to transport goods they are also incredibly beautiful way of exploring the unexplored lands on individual levelsAfter the British rule, the Indian trains were given luxurious look for those who enjoy travelling in majestic deportment. The luxury trains are the asset of India as they contribute about 20% in the total revenue of the Indian Railways.

India has five luxury trains that are famous for elegant and alluring interior, traditional Indian hospitality and exquisite dinning services. The trains were designed for providing elegant ride to the passengers coming from all over the world to explore India and its scenic beauty.

  • Palace on Wheels: It is the oldest luxury train in India. It was first introduced in 1982 after having temporarily shut in 1947. The train is one of its kinds in the world. It offers 14 deluxe saloons that are equipped with 4 cabins providing facilities of bath and shower, attached toilet and leisure facilities like games for children, intercom and more. The interior of the saloons is decorated with cozy furniture, handicrafts and paintings. Beside 14 saloons, the Palace on Wheels also has two restaurants cum kitchen cars that offer traditional Indian, Rajasthani, Continental and Chinese cuisine. The Palace on Wheels covers nine destinations during its eight days trip. The famous destinations that are covered by the train include Delhi, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Ranthambore National Park, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Bharatpur and Agra.
  • Deccan Odyssey: The train is the newbie in the list of luxury trains of India. It was launched in 2002 and is famous as Palace on Wheels of Maharashtra. The train has 13 fully air conditioned deluxe saloons, each with a combination of 4 twin bedded chamber. The salons are fully equipped with intercom, music channel and other leisure facilities. It offers special facilities to physically challenged people. Wheel chairs, creches and a special attendant are some of the facilities that are offered to them. Special attention has also been paid to the security of the passengers and their luggage. During the eight days trip on the Deccan Odyssey, the passengers are mesmerized by the beauty of the Mumbai, Ratnagiri, Jaigadh, Ganapatipule, Bhatye Beach, Goa, Sindhudurg, Tarkarli, Sawantwadi, Pune, Aurangabad, Ajanta to Nasik respectively as train moves ahead in its journey.
  • Royal Rajasthan on Wheels: The train was launched in 2009. It offers Super Deluxe Saloon- the Bravura Suite and Deluxe Saloon – the Extraordinary Suite to its passengers. The Bravura Suite has been crafted with fine silk and velvet bedspreads and draperies and the Extraordinary Suite has been thematically designed with matched color textures and schemes to augment their splendor. The Royal Rajasthan on Wheels travel for eight days covering hot destinations of Jaipur, Khajuraho, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Varanasi, Chittorgarh and Agra. During the journey, the passengers are served lip-smacking meal at two famous restaurants on the train Sheesh Mahal and Swarn Mahal. The Sheesh Mahal has been adorned with resplendent crystal pelmets and floor lamps, while the Swarn Mahal is themed around gold and brass. It has Spa and bar and lounge as well.
  • Golden Chariot: The train was launched in 2008 for the tourists interested in exploring the Southern regions of India. The train is also famous as Pride of the South. The stay of the passengers is made comfortable at Golden Chariot by the eleven luxuriously furnished air-conditioned saloons with 4 sleeping chambers or cabins. The facilities like dining cars, one bar lounge, business centre, mini gymnasium & ayurvedic spa are also offered to the passengers. Small wardrobe, vanity desk, LCD Televisions and private washroom with high class facility are other features of the train that makes the stay of the passenger comfortable. It travels for eight days starting its journey from Bangalore to Mysore, Jain Monolith & Hosalya Temple Architecture, Hampi Temples & Vijayanagara Palace, Badami Caves & Pattadakal Temples, Goa and then back to Bangalore.
  • Fairy Queen: The train holds a Guinness World Record for having single locomotive. Built in 1855 it offer just one AC chair car coach, which can accommodate a maximum of 50 tourists. For the privileged passengers it has also attached pantry car. Fairy Queen takes its passengers to a mesmerizing ride for two days trip. The journey begins from the Delhi Cantonment Railway Station and takes one to the majestic land of Rajasthan.

Travelling could be both good and a bad experience. But, having a ticket of any of the luxury trains of India could add enjoyment to your travelling. After all, travelling in luxury trains is all about safe and healthy travelling.

What is a Mangusta and Can I Own One?

Mangusta Yachts are very fast motor yachts able to reach speeds in excess of 50 knots and cruise at over 30. Mangustas are open bridge style sleek motor yachts and are built at the Overmarine shipyard which is based in Viareggio, Italy.

Mangustas have a length between 72 feet and 165 feet and are known for their speed.  The complete Mangusta range includes the 72, 80 hard top, 105, 108, 130, 148 Oceano and the 165′ flagship.

The Mangusta fleet is an exclusive line of sports boats, many of which are today for sale  in the French and Italian Mediterrean.   Peter Bennett,  the CEO of Blue Water Yachting, states that luxury yachting will prevail, the sun will continue to shine, and although the world is gripped in a recession, the worlds rich will continue to charter and own the most exclusive toy on offer in the world today. That toy is often referred to as a Mangusta, and they are generally owned by actors, sports people, celebrities, and successful entrepreneurs.

Examples of mangustas include, The Yacht Zeus,  a Mangusta 165′, Motor Yacht Yianis, a Mangusta 130′, Sealyon a Mangusta 105′, and  Equilibrium a Mangusta 100′. These yachts are  based on the idyllic French Riviera, are available for a luxury charter holiday during the summer of 2009 in addition to being up for sale. Now is the time buy, because in the words of Warren Buffet, when you can see the first swallows of springtime, you are to late to buy. However if you can’t quite gi there right now,  Yanis is a yacht beautifully presented in a contemporary style, with 5 wonderfully spacious cabins and is perfect for yacht charter especially for the overstressed executive, who is worried about the market downturn and the depression in the world. 

Discover the Beauty of Boating in Phuket

Yacht enthusiasts from all over are discovering the beauty of boating in Phuket. The weather is divine, the scenery is beyond breathtaking, and the Andaman Sea, with its amazing deep-blue waters, is scattered with tropical islands and deserted beaches, and is undeniably one of the most amazing places for cruising on Earth. And Phuket, which is now known as the sailing capital of Asia, has certainly stepped up to its growing popularity among boaters. Today, the island nation has already established four major marinas for local mooring and is also home to some of the best annual yachting events around.

This increasing interest has also stimulated growth in various marine services and suppliers, such as the international boat transport industry, where companies have been busy shipping boats and yachts at record rates year-round to the island from every corner of the globe. People are excited about boating in Phuket and once you experience it for yourself, it’s easy to see why.

Phuket is an ultimate sailing location and allows easy passage to extraordinary nearby places such as Phang-Nga bay, with its stunning limestone karst scenery, the Phi Phi Islands (Leh and Don), and the relatively unexplored and pristine Andaman Islands that lie between Thailand and India. Phuket is also very conveniently placed as a base from which to explore further south, down the Malacca Strait towards Singapore, with the chance to stop at other worthwhile locations on the way past Malaysia.

Without a doubt, Phuket is truly making a big splash when it comes the leisure boating world, not only for its noteworthy cruising conditions and beautiful scenery, but also for hosting some great boating events. There are three annual sailing regattas: The Phuket King’s Cup Regatta (in December), The Bay Regatta (in February), and the Six Senses Phuket Race Week (in July). Although the King’s Cup is by far the most popular, each of these regattas attracts many local and visiting participants and onlookers alike, all seeking a taste of some of the world’s finest sailing.

Another happening is the annual SEA Property International Phuket Multihull Championship, which is the biggest firefly race in Asia, and takes place during monsoon season when unpredictable weather makes for extra added excitement and suspense as well as inconsistent race results year after year. There is also the Asia Super Yacht Rendezvous, which is an exclusive international event for motor and sailing super yachts. This three day event is the longest running of its kind in Asia and brings together the largest gathering of super yachts in the region. And lastly, the PIMEX Phuket International Boat Show is yet another major boating event that highlights up to 40 yachts and super yachts from all over the world, and even if you’re not buying a boat you can surely appreciate this events luxurious ambiance combined with the spectacular backdrop.

Many yachters are even opting to moor their boats in Phuket year-round, rather than places like the Med. Apparently, it is much more affordable and just as appealing, if not more appealing than other popular year-round mooring destinations. In fact, in 2007, the Thai government dropped the boat import tax altogether, from 200 percent to 0 percent, which contributed to this increase. “The sailing in Phuket in incredible,” commented Bo Brighton, a yacht owner from Australia. “It is by far our favorite boating destination, and we’ve been all over the world. We actually dock there year-round.”

Five Sins Of Cruising

While going on a cruise is definitely an angelic experience, we all know that sometimes when we’re on vacation we let some our normal inhibitions go, which can lead to some “sinful” behavior. As they say, what happens at sea stays at sea. Don’t worry though, a cruise is meant for you to loosen up and let go of your inhibitions. See how many of these “sins” sound familiar to you.


If sloth is your favorite cruising sin, you will relish the chance to lie by the pool all day waiting for the waiters to come around with those fun and flirty drinks, enjoy a full body massage plus a mani and pedi, or just lounge on your balcony all day with room service stopping by for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And if you tire of being a sloth, plenty of onboard activities and adventure await you.


Cruising is your chance to indulge in some of the world’s best cuisine, from the chocolate buffet and extensive wine menu to the steakhouse’s perfectly cooked New York strip and the sushi bar serving fresh tuna rolls. It’s all so good you might forget to leave room for desert! Consider it fuel for more fun.


Don’t feel guilty about chasing your every desire on a cruise, that’s what the ships are designed for You might find James Bond impersonators hanging out at the casino betting it all on red at the roulette wheel or holding a hot hand in a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament You might also notice cruisers with hoards of duty-free goods. Hey, where else can you get such a great deal on that diamond bracelet you’ve been dreaming of?


It’s really hard to get this angry when cruising, but there are some situations that might stir up a little wrath. Remember our dear friend at the casino? Watch out when they bet it all on red and it lands on black. And if you spend too much time lounging on your deck chair you could feel the wrath of the sun, which can leave you with a fierce and fiery sunburn. Good thing cruise ships offer many fun distractions so it’s impossible to stay angry long.


When cruising it’s easy to become envious if you peer into a better suite, fail to reserve a spot on the sold-out shore excursion or hear how friends were treated like royalty on their last luxury cruise. Beat the envy by contacting your cruise line and they will get you exactly what your friends had, and more.

Checks You Can’t Ignore When Renting A Boat

Boats and yachts can be expensive to own, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy one. There are boat rentals available to make your dreams come true, especially when exploring a location with plenty of bays, islands and lagoons or a seaside location. You can rent a boat for your fishing, partying, snorkeling or luxury needs.

The best thing about renting a boat is that you do not need to worry about storage and docking bills, down payments or even seasonal maintenance as it would be the case when you are looking to buy and own one. Chartering a boat is not as hard because there are lots of rental companies offering the services, especially in areas popular with cruises and boating tours. But just like renting a car, there are things you can’t forget to check when renting the boat for your personal use.

Boat type and size

The waterway you plan to be cruising should be your guide as to which boat type is best. A deck boat or a bow rider can be great for touring, whereas a pontoon may be the best option if you are travelling in a group and looking for total relaxation. If luxury is your thing, then it is best you rent a yacht and a fishing boat if fishing is what you wish to enjoy during the cruise. Check out what local rentals have to offer and make your selection according to the needs you have.

Rental agreement

You really cannot ignore the terms of your rental even if you have been through the same experience in the past. Different rentals offers different terms; some may limit how far you can travel from the launch ramp or port, whereas some may not allow you to operate the boat during night time. It helps that you also check to see what the damages are yours to handle and what the company handles. Because of unexpected weather changes, it is also necessary to check how the rental company deals with cancellations so you do not end up losing when you have already paid for the boat.

Vessel condition

Examining the boat is a must especially if you will be charged for any damages after using the vessel. Before accepting your boat, make sure you do a thorough inspection on existing dents, scratches, stains, cracks and broken or missing fittings. Such an inspection will save you from being billed for damages you are not responsible for. It is also a simple way of ensuring that the boat is in good condition to offer you the kind of experience you expect when enjoying the waterways. You can therefore go further to check what amenities are availed for your cruise.

Safety equipment

Most rental companies will provide you with the necessary safety equipment like life jackets and first aid kits, but it is important to confirm before accepting the rental. You can also consider bringing along your life jacket if you are not sure what will be provided will be the right size or whether it will give you issues wearing when the need arises.