5 Characteristics of Luxury World Cruises

The definition of luxury world cruises has changed over the last decade and this article will help identify some of the new characteristics you can expect from a luxury cruise line or package.

– Top of Line Amenities

– Renowned Chefs and Cuisine

– Lower Staff to Passenger Ratio

– Fares Boast All Inclusive Pricing

– Unique Port of Calls

Top of Line Amenities

When you begin to explore a booking for your cruise, expect luxury world cruises to now provide passengers with top of the line amenities in their suites. As the competition for cruise passengers has increased among cruise lines, passenger luxury lines have been forced to supply quality amenities in the suites. Cruise lines, in desiring to attract the more discriminating traveler have upgraded amenities with designer labels to include such items as bath oils, scented candles, imported coffee, high-thread count sheets, towels, and bathrobes. Suites are also designed and furnished with items by well known decorators comparable to what you might find in the luxury suites of some of the world’s finest hotels.

Renowned Chefs and Cuisine

The passengers booking luxury world cruises bring with them a lot of discriminating tastes and that includes their taste in cuisine. Today’s cruise lines understand this about their passengers and spare no expense in providing only the very best in dining. It is not unusual to find a staff of very well known gourmet chefs, bakery, and dessert chefs or even candy chefs on staff preparing some of the finest creations for the passengers.

The luxury cruise lines are so proud of their culinary achievements they will invite guests to spend a day in the galley learning a few techniques about the creation of these fine delicacies from their chefs.

Lower Staff to Passenger Ratio

Luxury world cruises pride themselves on the ability to cater to the passengers every need while aboard their ships. Compared to other cruise ships, luxury liners tend to be smaller ships and so the staff to passenger ratio is generally smaller as well.

This means more staff is available for each passenger as well as more personal and quality service from cruise staff. When the staff to passenger ratio is too high then the service on the ship suffers as there is less human resources to go around for each of their passengers. If you inquire about the staff to passenger ratio on a ship and make a comparison between ships you can assess which cruise line is in a better position to utilize their staff for providing luxury passenger service.

Fares Boast All Inclusive Pricing

Many top of the line hotels first came up with the all inclusive pricing promotion. This marketing technique was designed to give the guest a packaged experience. Once they paid for the suite, multiple complementary experiences and services where provided at no additional cost. Guests responded to it very well and so it remains a feature of many hotels even today.

Luxury around the world cruises picked up on the success of inclusive pricing and started to offer many complimentary features as part of their luxury cruise packages. Because of the venues in which some cruise lines sail they can offer some very unique complimentary items not available elsewhere. Inclusive items might be tickets to shows, concerts, mainland tours, museums or special events.

Unique Port of Calls

As the tastes of passengers over the years has changed the luxury world cruises have changed as well. The passengers of years past tended to be much older then the passengers of today. In response to this shift in demographics cruise lines are offering many new and unique port of call activities. Today it wouldn’t be unusual to fly by helicopter to a remote island for a beach barbecue and wave boarding.

Another advantage of luxury ships for providing unique port of calls is they tend to be smaller ships and can gain access to ports unavailable to the larger cruise liners. When booking a luxury cruise expect some unique port of call options that will make your trip more exciting and more adventurous.